Eyebrow Threading

We’re delighted to have a new addition to our cosmetic department in the shape of a Brow Bar.

I’ve heard about Threading, but what exactly is it?

Threading is all the rage at the moment and for those of you who haven’t heard of it before, it’s a natural way of removing hair without hot wax or chemicals, plus it doesn’t leave you as red as waxing so is a prefect lunchtime treatment.

Hair is removed by rolling twisted cotton threads over the hairline and is great for getting all that little white fuzz that waxing and other treatments never seem to totally banish. Plus, as you’re not pulling and tugging on your skin, it’s much kinder and won’t cause wrinkles after time like waxing has been known to do. It’s not just your eyebrows that can be treaded either. It’s a perfect solution for any part of the face.

As well as threading, eyebrow, lash tinting and HD brows are also offered and it’s a walk in-service so no appointments needed.

In a nutshell, the perfect lunchtime or ‘have 15 mins to spare’ time treat 🙂

Pain Factor; The same or less than waxing and def less than tweezing!!!


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