Wearing our favourite perfume can make us feel good and boost our confidence. So don’t you hate it when your chosen scent doesn’t even last the commute into work?

Well, we’ve heard of a neat little trick that can solve that annoyance and it’s soooo easy. You’ll be wondering why you didn’t think of it long ago.

All you’ll need is;

  • Vaseline
  • Your favourite fragrance

Massage the vaseline (non scented) onto your pulse points. (If you’re not sure where these are see the diagram below). Then spray the perfume where you’ve rubbed the vaseline. The vaseline works in the same way as a primer does on our face by locking in the scent and making it last longer. Perfume doesn’t work well on dry skin so by adding a little moisture first you’ll smell beautiful all day long.

Go on, give it a go 💋‍



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