If you’re celiac, have been diagnosed with allergies or just want to give Gluten a miss from your diet, this maybe something worth thinking about.

While Gluten is considered OK as long as it’s not ingested, have you thought about your lip colour? Just think how many times you lick or bite your lips during the day. For those of you who are really sensitive this may be a reason why you’re not feeling fully better on your gluten free diet. Even the smallest amounts of gluten have shown to cause upset to some sufferers.

As gluten can be used as a binder in makeup as well as foods, finding out what does and doesn’t contain gluten can be like the proverbial needle. Unless a product is labeled Gluten Free, it’s very difficult to know.

Physician’s formula is a brand on the market that offers some gluten free products. If you’re in doubt, check out the Physician’s Formula website (US site). Each product comes with a sensitivity chart confirming whether an item is Fragrance-Free, Gluten Free, Paraben-Free or Dermatologist Approved to name just a few. There are also some organic products on offer such as their famous Organic Mascara.

Powder-Palette-Multi-ColourJust another thing to think about when choosing what to put in and on our bodies, as if the whole Gluten area wasn’t challenge enough.

Physician’s Formula makeup is available from the cosmetic department in Goods of Kilkenny.

The images included in this article are just a few examples of what’s on offer from the brand.




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