Warning – Please be aware that as this video shows the breast it is not suitable for younger viewers, but it’s the best way to explaining how the tape works.

Got a slinky little number but need a lift in the right places for it to look smoking hot? Well, Bring It Up® Breast Lift Tape has just hit the shelves. It’s transparent, waterproof and give invisible support so can be worn with the skimpiest of tops or dresses. It’s like a breast lift without the scalpel.

Bring It Up® differs from other tapes and adhesive bras as instead of pushing up, it pulls the breast up, giving a perkier shape. Ideal for women up to a D cup who want to go braless but can also be worn by larger breasted women with a bra.

The tape does not cover the nipple so it’s recommended that Nipple Petals are worn with the tape for complete modesty. The tape is one size and there are three pairs in a box for €10.95.

We’ve included a video below of how to apply the tape onto the breast.


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