Kilkenny Arts Week

Kilkenny Arts Week

Kilkenny Arts Week

We are delighted this year to once again be exhibiting artwork in our store windows during Kilkenny Arts Week 2019.

This year we are showcasing works from talented artists Marie Hutchinson, John Geoghegan & Monika Fetter.

Marie is a staff member here in Goods and John & Monika are local Kilkenny artists.

You'll find their bio's below and if you're in town during the festival, have a look in our windows to view their art.


Marie Hutchinson - Frames by Marie H

Marie Hutchison

Marie Hutchison from Kilkenny is a member of staff in our Choice department. Marie is started her Lego frames business last year and gets great pleasure in designing one-off pieces for every occasion. She also has a range of other designs that she creates based on a person's requirements. Should you wish to see more of her work you’ll find her on Facebook as ‘Frames by Marie H ‘or check out our window display during Arts Week, which is running until August 18th, 2019.


Monika Fetter - photographer

Monika Fetter

Monika is originally from Budapest, Hungary but has been living here in Kilkenny with her husband Gabor for almost 13 years. They both enjoy photography with Monika stating that she got the ‘Photography Bug’ from her Gabor when he first took up the hobby. They love traveling and capturing beautiful places and moments from around our beautiful planet.


John Geoghegan

John Geoghegan

John is an amateur artist who grew up in Kilkenny City. He was always fascinated with art and after studying various artist’s work online, he worked up the courage to pursue his own art a year and a half ago. John started by experimenting with landscape pieces. He developed a preference for oil and enjoyed the depth it created in his paintings. John also uses a Palette Knife in his work.

Most recently, John has become interested in Fluid Art. The thing that interests me most about acrylic pouring is the fact that no two paintings ever turn out the same. You can experiment with different colour combinations and the finished pieces can have limitless interpretations. John has perfected his own liquid pour techniques and uses Resin to produce a high-quality finish to his work.

You can view all these artist's work in the windows of Goods on High Street until August 18th 2019.

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