Filorga Skin-Unify Cream Illuminating Uniforming Cream 50ml

€83,00 EUR
By Filorga



This anti-dark spot face day cream is inspired by 3 aesthetic medicine techniques, used daily, it evens out and illuminates the skin for a sublimated complexion *.

This uniformizing and illuminating anti-dark spot treatment contains a core of cosmetic formula inspired by laser, peeling and medical strobing: the new aesthetic technique that reveals radiance. Its advanced active ingredients reduce dark spots, unify the complexion and plump the skin to recreate areas of light. Its +: optical blurring for an immediate standardizing effect.

 / Anti-dark spot action [laser inspiration]: SKIN-UNIFY anti-dark spot cream for the face is formulated with a combination of 3 uniformizing active ingredients [vitamin C + glabridin + algae extract] to effectively reduce pigment spots.

 / Reunifying action [peeling inspiration]: A resurfacing active ingredient of plant origin, extracted from yarrow, to restore a visibly more even complexion.

/ Illuminating action [inspired by medical strobing]: A high molecular weight hyaluronic acid, encapsulated in microspheres, plumps the skin so that it can better reflect light.

 - The +: Precisely chosen invisible optical blurring agents blend into the skin to even out the complexion from the first application. (1)

50ml jar