Green Angel Ultimate Men's Gift Set

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A powerful men's luxurious Overnight Bag with Green Angel's Seaweed Bath and Shower Gel, Seaweed Muscle and joint Gel and 30ml Seaweed Rescue Cream.

What is in the Bundle?
It can be used on all skin types and contains Green Angel

  • Seaweed Bath & Shower Gel,
  • Seaweed Muscle & Joint Gel and
  • Seaweed & Tea Tree Rescue Cream

What do the products do?
Green Angel Seaweed Bath & Shower Gel, uses Irish seaweed with Mandarin, Lavender, and Neroli to give you a splendid scent.

Green Angel Seaweed Muscle & Joint Gel is a water-based gel that helps before and after sports to help the recovery of tired muscles.

Green Angel Seaweed & Tea Tree Rescue Cream may help to improve skin complexion and blemishes.

What type of Bundle is it?
The Ultimate Men's Gift Set is suitable for all gift-giving on any occasion.