House of Alexander Deluxe Candle Apple Cinnamon Gift Set

€25,00 EUR
By Menarys

Fill your or your loved ones home this Christmas time with this beautiful, fragrant scent from the House of Alexander Deluxe Candle Gift Set. A warm lasting fragrance will create a cosy, warm and relaxing tone to any room.
Consists of an Apple Cinnamon scented candle, reed diffuser and reed sticks in a decorative box.

Scented Candle:
Hand-poured candle 100% lead-free wick. Burn time: up to 15 hours. Menary's Fragrance Candle will provide hours of fine fragrance enjoyment and a relaxing ambience for your home environment. 
Reed Diffuser:
Directions: Remove the stopper, then insert sticks into the container and flip them once. Allow the sticks to gradually draw up the aroma oil and slowly emanate fragrance into the room. Flip sticks occasionally to refresh the scents. For a more subtle fragrance or to adjust for smaller spaces, use fewer sticks.