Magic Nail Hardener and Conditioner

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Magic Nail Hardener and Conditioner strengthens and conditions weak and/or damaged nails.

A unique blend of ingredients that stimulates the growth of healthy nails and is the world's first nail strengthener and conditioner. Proven effective for over forty years and formulated to be compatible with nail chemical make-up Excellent also as a base coat, topcoat or as a clear lacquer.


  • Blend of ingredients that stimulates the growth of healthy nail
  • Treats and prevents chipping and splitting nails.
  • Easy to use


How to use:
  • Shake bottle well. Clean nails thoroughly with acetone remover. You'll need to carry out this step every time you apply new coats of Nail Magic, too.
  • If using Nail Magic as a base coat, apply one coat only. Then apply your nail colour and another coat of Nail Magic as the topcoat.
  • If using nail magic only, apply two thin coats.
  • Use twice a week, removing the old with remover before applying the new coats. Do this for the first eight weeks. After these eight weeks, then use once per wee