The Body Shop's Body Yoghurts are 100% vegan, lightweight, moisturisers suited to all skin types. But why choose this option over other moisturisers? Here's why!

1. Fast-Absorbing: no clock-watching needed so ideal for those mornings when there's so much to do & so little time

2. Long-Lasting Hydration:  Skin feels moisturised for up to 48 hours every time you spoon on some of The Body Shop’s Body Yogurt.

3. Lightweight Feel: Say "goodbye" to that sticky, greasy feeling. These Yoghurts have a lightweight feel and gel-cream texture. 

4. Gorgeous Smell: All day long, not only will your skin feel silky smooth, you'll smell good to. What scent will be yours today?

Person smelling Body Yogurt

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