The Story of Good's

Founded in 1927 by Harry Good, Good's began as a modest shoe shop and has since evolved into a thriving fashion destination. Expanding over the decades to include men's, ladies', and children's apparel, the store has remained family-run, now under the leadership of Harry's granddaughter, Heidi Good. Continuously adapting to trends and customer needs, Good's stands as a testament to enduring quality and service, remaining at the forefront of fashion retail nearly 100 years later.

Founding and Early Years (1927-2000s)

In 1927, nestled in the heart of downtown, Good's began its journey as a humble shoe shop. Founded by Henry (Harry) Good, the store quickly gained a reputation for its quality footwear and personalised customer service. Harry's vision was simple: to provide the community with durable, stylish shoes that catered to every member of the family.

As the decades passed, Good's evolved. Responding to customer demand and changing fashion trends, the Good family expanded their inventory to include men's, ladies', and children's apparel. This transformation was marked by the addition of new floors and increased floor space, allowing the store to offer a wider range of products. With each generation, the family-run business flourished, maintaining its commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

By the 1970s, Good's had become a beloved institution in the community. The store's leadership passed to Harry's son, Vivian Good, who embraced modern retail trends while preserving the store's traditional values. Vivian introduced new brands, diversified the product lines, and continued to expand the store's physical space, ensuring that it remained a one-stop shop for the entire family. Despite the increasing competition, Good's thrived by staying true to its roots and adapting to the evolving needs of its customers.

A Bold New Direction (2004-Present)

In 2004, Good's embarked on a significant transformation. Recognising the changing retail landscape and the need for modernisation, Vivian Good spearheaded a complete revamp of the store. This ambitious project involved a thorough redesign of the interior, a fresh branding strategy, and a strategic shift in focus. Good's began to concentrate exclusively on ladies' and children's fashions, phasing out the men's department to create a more specialised shopping experience.

High Street concessions were also introduced as well as a beauty hall, partnering with popular brands to bring a curated selection of trendy, high-quality products to the store. This move not only attracted a new generation of customers but also reinforced Good's reputation as a fashion-forward retailer. The revamped store, with its modern aesthetic and diverse offerings, became a destination for style-conscious shoppers.

Legacy and Future Vision

Today, Good's stands as a testament to the enduring legacy of the Good family. With nearly a century of history, the store continues to be a pillar of the community, offering an exceptional shopping experience that blends tradition with innovation. Heidi Good, Vivian’s daughter has now taken over the reign from her father and her forward-thinking approach ensures that Good's remains relevant in an ever-changing retail landscape.

As the store approaches its 100th anniversary, the Good family remains committed to upholding the values that have defined Good's for generations: quality, customer service, and a passion for fashion. With an eye on the future and a respect for the past, Good's is poised to continue its journey as a beloved family-run business, adapting to new trends while honouring its rich heritage.