Whether it’s a subtle daytime shimmer or a glamorous night-time glow, it’s all about the eyes right now.  More than ever (thanks in part to our new least favourite accessory, the face mask) we need our eyes to do more talking!  We really don’t need a whole lot to bring out our eyes. A few well chosen products along with some brushes will help us embrace our natural beauty.

Getting the Look!

A well-shaped and groomed eyebrow is key to outline our eyes. It adds definition to our look helping to achieve that (oh so important) natural look. It all starts with some beauty basics.  An eyebrow pencil or powder and a tinted or clear eyebrow gel give amazing results and from products that are easy to use.  The clear lash gel will set the brows. But if you feel your brow needs more definition, then a tinted gel will give that extra lift.

Any little gaps can be taken care of with a brow powder or pencil. Both work equally well but a pencil will give a sharper look. While using an angled brush with a powder, will give a softer result. Your go to tools are an angled brush and a spoolie to brush through the finished brow for a natural finish… after all we want our brows to look like we haven’t preened, groomed, brushed and shaped them!

We love the SoSu Brow Beautiful Brow Gel €9.99

Smokey Eyes?... (maybe just a little)

We might not feel a full-on smoky eye is necessary for a WFH look, but a little definition can help us look and feel a little more awake and maybe Zoom ready?! (Nobody needs to know we’re still in our PJ bottoms) We don’t need a huge make up palette full of colours we probably will never use – a small palette of neutral  colours with both matte and shimmer shades is all we need. Whether it’s a simple day look or something more night styled, one go to palette is a must have. 

Matte brown shades and shimmers will suit most skin tones and hair colours. These are always a good buy. A soft wash of a matte brown shade applied across the eyelid with a fluffy brush and blended up to the brow bone will warm the eye area without making you feel like you’re going out out.

The Peach Dream Eyeshadow Palette €14.95 is great for neutral and matte colours.

Night and Day...

Shimmer is not just for night-time looks - a dot of soft shimmer or highlight in the corner of each eye will open them up. Add a little shimmer with your ring finger across each lid for a suitably subtle sheen. It’s amazing what this little addition can do to bring your eyes to life.

It’s easy to transition your day look to night using a darker shade of eyeshadow. First apply it to the outer corner of each eye and blend in toward the centre of the lid. Then, using the same shade, apply to the crease of your lid. Remember to blend, blend and blend again, to erase any harsh lines. Before you finish sweep the same shade under your lower lash line for ultimate eye definition.

To elevate your eyes even more from day to night, use an eyeliner, pencil or liquid. Apply it as close to the lash line as possible. It can be a tricky step to master but practice makes perfect and it will soon become all but necessary! 

Must have Mascara...

Mascara is the final key product for our eyes.  There's a type to suit everyone – to volumize, lift or curl – and a shade to enhance your look whether for day or night. We all have our favourites to get the look we love but don’t be afraid to try something new. After all what better time to try something new than when we’re all eyes!?

Check out the Clinique's High Impact Mascara €23.50

Say it with your eyes...

Our makeup and moisturising routines have been hit as hard as everything else. But at least with our eyes, we can still have a little fun!

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