Briefs & Panties

Whether you call them Briefs, Knickers or Panties one thing we can agree on is that there are so many styles, fits, feels and fabrics that choosing can be tricky. Looking for something sensible and comfy? Maybe something a little sexier for a date night? Possibly just a pair of panties to fit just right and help you feel awesome?... Well, we've got you covered with our best ever range of briefs.

Maxi Briefs

They might not always be the sexist style out there but a pair of Maxi knickers are all about comfort. Every top drawer needs a pair of these underwear basics in super soft fabrics for everydaywear or with a little lace and extra styling for something special.

Invisible Briefs

The perfect pair of Invisible Underwear is up there with best friends. You know you can trust them to do what the need to do, they're comfortable and you always feel confident in them. Check out our seamless range for your perfect pair.

Thong Briefs

Whether it's for something special or just to look good in your favourite leggings, one thing is true. Comfort reigns supreme. We've brought together some of the best Thongs so that you can stay comfy and don't have to worry about any irritating panty line.

Period Briefs

Period Briefs are a game changer. They look and feel like regular underwear but have an additional special layer to prevent leaks and combat odour. The best bit? They're comfy and a whole lot better for the environment. Ready to give them a try?

Find your fit!

Finding the perfect comfortable bra can be a challenge at the best of times. To help make things easier we've put together a measurement guide to help you choose the right bra for you, whether shopping online from home or in-store.