Sports Bras

The simple reason is the right sports bra helps us protect our breasts. During any physical activity our breasts move. Up and down. Side to side. Even in a figure of eight. This repetitive physical activity can cause soreness, pain and the dreaded sagging, because our breasts have no muscle. No matter what size your breasts, everyone(...yes everyone) experiences bouncing during physical activity. 

Champion Ultimate Run Bra

From the brand new and exciting Shock Absorber and Champion collaboration, this Ultimate Run Bra has been designed with style and high performance in mind. It features a Dry Action System, thermoregulation treatment and perforated microfiber to help keep you feeling cool and fresh during intense workouts or training sessions. The wide padded straps ensure you stay comfy whilst the extra clap fastening between the shoulder blades promises a secure fit.

Shock Absorber Champion Ultimate Run Bra offers:

- Extreme support: up to 78%* of bounce reduction

- Infinity 8 support system counteracts the breasts figure-of-eight movement during running

- Dry action system: thermoregulation on top of regular moisture management treatment

- Wide, padded and adjustable straps for comfort

- Double back fastening for ultimate support

- Soft, seamless inner reduces friction

-Soft, non-rub hook and eye

- Reflective tape across cups for high visibility when running outdoors

Find your fit!

Finding the perfect comfortable bra can be a challenge at the best of times. To help make things easier we've put together a measurement guide to help you choose the right bra for you, whether shopping online from home or in-store.