Indeed Hydraluron Lotion

€12,50 EUR €24,99


An advanced moisture complex formulated with a unique blend of high, medium, and low molecular weights of hyaluronic acid to create a multi-layer, long-lasting moisture barrier for your skin. Plus, it’s packed with three key mineralscopper, magnesium, and zincto protect skin from environmental stressors. With each use, the skin feels plump, smooth, and hydrated. 

Use after cleansing and serums.

• Ideal for Dry, dehydrated, sensitive, and ageing skin
• Provides a multi-layer, long-lasting moisture barrier
• Protects skin against the abuse of the elements
• Leaves parched skin looking and feeling plump, smooth, and hydrated
• Improves elasticity to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and premature ageing