Nesti Dante Luxury Black & Hemp Soap Set 2x250g

€12,50 EUR


Precious Hemp Soap prepared with cannabidiol extract, hemp seeds and moringa that removes dust and protects the skin from urban pollutants. The cannabidiol extract, rich in chlorophyll and nine essential amino acids, is a powerful antioxidant, excellent for deeply rehydrating and giving elasticity to the skin. Nesti Dante has further embellished this new measure of beauty with the intoxicating and passionate note of Gardenia and Freesia, symbol of mystery and of the arcane.

Black Luxury Soap prepared with activated vegetable carbon obtained from the carbonization of coconut. Activated vegetable charcoal, known for its absorbing, detoxifying and purifying virtues, brightens the complexion, promoting cell renewal. Shea butter has moisturizing virtues and is a precious ally to fight the first signs of aging. Saponeria Nesti has further embellished this new measure of beauty with the inebriating and spicy note of patchouli and pink pepper together with the freshness of hyacinth and jasmine for a tornado of sensuality and unexpected opulence.

These soaps are vegan-friendly.

Nesti Dante uses naturally active premium ingredients and only pure whole plant oils that are from sustainable cultivation. No mineral oils, no parabens or aggressive ingredients. Vegan-friendly, no animal ingredients or testing ever.

Skin and environment-friendly for a guilt-free legacy