Sigma Skincare Brush Set

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Take your self-care up a notch with the Sigma Skincare Brush Set, featuring extra-soft SigmaTech® fibre and silicone brushes for the ultimate at-home spa experience.

Uniquely designed to apply and blend your favourite skincare formulas without absorbing and wasting product, or pulling and tugging at the skin, these brushes help you create a beautiful base for makeup.

S01 CLAY/MUD MASK™ BRUSH - Apply thick masks onto the skin
S02 SPATULA™ BRUSH - Scoop + mix skincare products
S05 MOISTURIZER™ BRUSH - Gently apply moisturizer
S10 SERUM™ BRUSH - Evenly apply liquid + gel serums
S15 GEL MASK™ BRUSH - Swirl gel masks onto the skin
S20 EYE CREAM™ BRUSH - Apply eye cream without tugging

Cruelty-Free, Vegan