Nesti Dante Philosophia Soap Assortment 6x150g

€31,00 EUR


Celebrate nature’s beauty with the Nesti Dante Philosophia Soap Collection, six intensely nourishing soaps presented with a satin gift ribbon.

The Nesti Dante Philosophia soaps are rich with active ingredients that will tone and nourish your skin, leaving it feeling smooth and silky. With a soap for every mood, whether you want to unwind or indulge your skin, the handmade soaps will be a pampering treat for your skin and senses. Made by traditional process of saponification, the soaps are richer and softer, ensuring a truly luxurious cleansing experience.

The Nesti Dante Philosophia Soap Collection contains:

  • Nesti Dante Philosophia Cream Soap 150g:This nourishing and illuminating soap is infused with cream and pearl extract to keep skin looking healthy and radiant.
  • Nesti Dante Philosophia Lift Soap 150g: Infused with bach flower and a blend of vitamin A and E, this cleansing bar will restore and purify the skin.
  • Nesti Dante Philosophia Scrub Soap 150g:The perfect way to exfoliate your skin, walnut granules will help to buff away dead skin cells and revitalise your skin.
  • Nesti Dante Philosophia Detox Soap 150g: With azulene and oligoelements, the detox soap will bring calm and tranquillity to your bathing routine.
  • Nesti Dante Philosophia Collagen Soap 150g: Smoothing and regenerating, the collagen soap features a blend of vegetal collagen and ginseng.
  • Nesti Dante Philosophia Breeze Soap 150g: Refreshing and relaxing, the Breeze Soap is crafted with a blend of chlorophyll and bamboo extract.

100% biodegradable. Dermatologist tested. Not tested on animals.