M2 Beaute High Precision Eyelash Comb

€20,50 EUR



Professional eyelash styling in an instant: The QUICK CHANGE ARTISTS EYELASH COMB is precision-manufactured and impressive in design and function. Thanks to the specially developed and ergonomically designed comb, as well as the rounded stainless steel teeth, eyelashes can be easily and evenly separated and defined. An essential tool to add the perfect finishing touch for dazzlingly beautiful and beguilingly natural eyes.


The QUICK CHANGE ARTISTS EYELASH COMB is used after applying and setting mascara or applying the EYEZONE CONDITIONING CARE COMPLEX.

The eyelash comb is swept through the lashes from the base to the tips with the eyes open. In doing this, the ergonomically shaped comb ensures comfortable, simple and effective handling. The eyelash comb should be cleaned after each use.