Martiderm Essentials Biphasic Eye Make-up Remover 125ml

€16,00 EUR


The new Biphasic Eye Make-up Remover cleanses, hydrates and protects. Gently cleanses and is capable of removing waterproof makeup without drying the skin. It leaves it hydrated without a greasy effect. And, in addition, it does not irritate, it does not itch and it does not sting the eyes, being very respectful of the eyelashes.


The Biphasic Eye Make-up Remover is probably the definitive make-up remover to clean the eye contour. It cleanses, hydrates, protects the epidermis, is antioxidant and soothing. In addition, it balances the microbiota, reinforces the skin's defense mechanisms, protects the epidermis from external aggressions and promotes skin regeneration. 

  1. Shake the container before use in order to mix the two phases of the product.
  2. Soak a reusable cotton pad.
  3. Remove traces of makeup and impurities from the eye area with gentle movements in the direction of the eyelashes, repeating if necessary.