Daywear Sorbet SPF 15

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With the innovative DayWear 72H Hydrator Sorbet Creme SPF 15, the Estée Lauder cosmetic brand offers women an excellent basis for lasting anti-aging care.

The modern face care product with sun protection factor 15 protects the skin from aggressive sun rays in all seasons.

Estée Lauder's skin care products, which have been tested by dermatologists for their good skin compatibility, have a very light texture that is quickly absorbed into the skin.

This moisturiser, suitable for all skin types, provides sensitive facial skin with an extra portion of moisture right down to the deep layers.

For up to 72 hours, the complexion is boosted with a youthful glow. With regular use of this facial care product, an effective antioxidant protection is formed, which strengthens the skin barrier.