Phyto Douceur Softness Conditioner 175ml

€26,00 EUR
By Phyto



Phyto Douceur Softness Conditioner 175ml is a gentle conditioner that cares for the hair. With this in mind, this conditioner has an amazing formula with carefully selected ingredients that provide the hair with amazing benefits. In fact, this product is suitable for all hair types and for frequent use. As so, it is a great option for detangling the hair of the whole family since it is suitable for children over three years old. For that purpose, the caring formula features Oat milk, known for its moisturizing and softening properties, and White Mallow extract which provides the hair with extra shine. Consequently, this natural formula always guarantees an outstanding result with supple, soft, and shiny hair! Equally important, this conditioner effectively and easily detangles the hair.

 As a last note, the formula presents 96% of ingredients of natural origin and is free of silicones, sulfates, dyes, and PEG. In conclusion, with a pleasant scent and an amazing texture, this conditioner was formulated for daily use, gently detangling and providing shine to the hair.

How to use

Apply Phyto Douceur Softness Conditioner 175ml on the lengths after shampooing and distribute evenly. Leave in for a couple of minutes and then rinse thoroughly.


Oat milk, rich in nutrients and antioxidants, has moisturizing and softening properties that lend softness to the hair;

White mallow extract provides shine to the hair making it twice as shiny.