The Inkey List Vitamin C Brightening Hair Treatment

€12,99 EUR


This lightweight vitamin C brightening hair treatment serum has been formulated with two powerful ingredients (VCIP and LUSTREPLEX™ ) to work on the hair cuticle to help reduce frizz and visibly brighten dull hair and increase gloss and shine.

Good for; All hair types

Great for; Dull and damaged hair

Dull and lacklustre hair can be caused by several factors including diet, dehydration, bleaching, chlorine, heat damage or excessive washing. VCIP works to treat dull, lacklustre hair by helping to restore the hair from being hydrophilic (damaged) back to hydrophobic (healthy) through lipid deposition and helps to rebuild the hair’s natural barrier and smoothing the cortex surface, resulting in glossy, shinier hair instantly.

How to Use

  • We recommend shaking the bottle well before use.  
  • Shake into the palm of your hand, massage hands together and work through wet or dry hair. 
  • Apply enough to thinly coat all of your hair. Leave on. 
  • Style as usual.
  • Use 1-2 times a week.
  • Alternatively, you can also incorporate this into your routine and use it with your shampoo and conditioner as a boost.