Uriage Bariederm Hand Cream 50ml

€9,00 EUR
By Uriage



Uriage Bariéderm Hand Cream is a real barrier cream, it soothes, softens and nourishes very dry hands that are exposed to daily aggression and chemical products. It is non-sticky, quickly absorbed, invisible on application, and water resistant.

  • Isolates and protects: The combination of two polymers provides an isolating action on the surface while helping to fight against future aggression.
  • Purifies: Manuka honey limits the risk of bacterial proliferation.
  • Soothes: It is rich in Uriage Thermal Water and soothes the weakened epidermis.

How to Use:

Apply as often as necessary to hands.


  • Uriage Thermal Water
  • Poly-2P patented complex
  • Phytosqualanes
  • Glycerin
  • Manuka honey